"We provide our clientele with cost effective solutions supported by superior service."

About Tapeguard

TapeGuard International Ltd. is an advanced media solutions company that specializes in critical information management and protection. For over the past fifteen years, we have earned the trust and loyalty of our diverse corporate clientele through consistently delivering customizable solutions of superior quality that are both cost effective and time sensitive.

Whether you require data storage media, data destruction, data relocation or asset recovery services our highly trained team of experts will give you the peace of mind necessary to focus on your core corporate objectives. In effect, our business allows you to focus on your business.

TapeGuard has defined itself as one of the leaders in the media solutions space through constantly ensuring that our clientele receive the TapeGuard Advantage:

  • Value for Cost: TapeGuard's competitive pricing makes receiving advanced data management and security products and services accessible and affordable.

  • Exceptional Service: Our knowledgeable and experienced team members are available 24/7 to answer any questions you many have and/or to respond to your data management and security requirements.

  • Performance Promise: We customize seamless data management and security solutions that are specific to your criteria and needs. You can count on TapeGuard to perform every time, on time.

  • Quality Assurance: The execution of our proven processes that is handled by our team of professionals is guaranteed to effectively and efficiently manage and secure all of your data.



$100 Charitable Donation OR GIFT CARD

To those clients who refer us to a colleague or new client, we would like to say thank you by offering a choice of a $100 donation to the registered charity of your choosing or gift card of equal value.

TapeGuard wouldn’t be where we are today without our dedicated clients, so please, choose a charity close to your heart or simply treat yourself to a few of your favourite things; it’s on us!

You have put your trust in our company and it’s time for us to say thank you. With our new referral program, we are looking to reward those clients who help us make new connections that will benefit from Tapeguard’s expertise in:


Tape Media Asset Acquisition & Operations Management

  • Library Audit and Inventory

  • Wall-to-Wall Asset Audit and Inventory

  • Hardware Maintenance Programs

Environmental - Data Centric Facilities

  • Specialized IT Environmental Cleaning and Analytics


Data Centre Relocation

  • IT Equipment (Lift and Shift)

  • Cloud-to-Cloud Consolidation to Server Transit

Data Destruction Compliance

  • ITAD Process and Protocols

Project Management & Consulting


To Submit your Referral please use the following form:

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* Referral rewards will be awarded once the new product or service transaction has been processed

Referral Types:

1. Existing Client Add-Ons: Existing clients who add a new product or service that Tapeguard does not currently provide for them, will receive our Tapeguard referral reward.*

2. Referring a New Client. Any existing Tapeguard client who introduces us to a new client or company, will receive a Tapeguard referral reward.*