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At TapeGuard, we intuitively understand that corporate information is one of your organization’s most important and valuable assets. Therefore, highly dependable and secure data storage products are the basis of TapeGuard’s suite of advanced media solutions for data management and protection.

Since the year 2000, we have cultivated and established strong business partnerships with a variety of the industry-leading manufacturers of media storage products. As a result, we provide all of our clients with access to high-quality products at cost effective rates.


Back Up

TapeGuard provides a comprehensive catalogue of products that supports all of your media back-up requirements. We provide access to all brands, formats and capacities, including tape cartridges, optical discs and related accessories, which we can deliver to you on time, every time. When entering a relationship with TapeGuard, we carefully evaluate your needs and then recommend the most suitable solution for your organization.

The matrixes below are a quick reference guide for some of our most popular formats. If you do not see your format listed below, please contact us and we will provide you with the product information you require.

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LTO Compatibility Chart (view / download PDF)

LTO 8 Generation Roadmap (view / download PDF)

3592 Tape Drive & Media Compatibility (view / download PDF)



  • Labelling and barcoding; application/removal for all media formats
  • Rapid turnaround times for EDP Tri-Optic labeling
  • Initialization services with volume ID and serial header for all applicable media
  • Inventory management for round-the-clock data accessibility
  • Tape pool database maintenance to prevent duplication

The effective tracking and management of storage media results in faster data recovery, reduced storage costs, and improved use efficiency and resources.

To help your company experience the benefits of the effective tracking and management of storage media, TapeGuard provides a range of media labeling products and related services:

& Storage

To physically protect your information assets, TapeGuard supplies the following solutions:

  • Impact resistant, anti-static and formfitting protective transport cases
  • Impact and fire resistant media safes and cabinets
  • Various rack and shelving systems to efficiently store and organize your media.

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